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Personalised gifts for weddings, anniversaries and more ...

Updated: Oct 18, 2020

Commissioned Taverner Glass plate

I love the opportunity to create personalised gifts and custom orders. It gives me an opportunity to bring other people's ideas to life and on occasion experiment with new techniques. I was recently asked to make this piece by an Australian couple to take to Denmark as a wedding gift. Based on looking at some examples of my work the clients decided on a style and a range of colours they liked. I then roughed out some layouts and we tweaked the colours until we were happy with the results. Once the item was completed it was shipped to Adelaide ready for its journey to Denmark.

Below is a piece commission by a customer in Germany. The client wanted an art piece that could be treasured by his family for years to come. It was created as a panel to hang above a fire place, thus the client wanted it to reflect the feeling of warmth and fire. For this piece, the client had seen some examples of my work he liked and asked if I could produce something in a different range of colours and to a larger scale. I selected a range of colours and also some images to present to the client and clarify the scope of the commission. Once we had agreed on the finer details I commenced production. The piece was then shipped to Germany.

Wall panel commission completed by Taverner Glass

To get ideas for your own commission visit the Taverner Glass online shop today!

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